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Kerep Mary Cave 13/09/2010

Posted by tunjungnesta in Central Java.

a sign to the Mary Cave

Cave Mary Kerep (GMK) was founded in 1954 Ambarawa. In that year the pope declared as the Year of Mary to commemorate 100 years of age dogma: Mary Contained no stain.

The Statue of Mary

Momentum is pushing some parishioners Ambarawa to advance their shepherd and his devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary by presenting a statue of Mary as it was in the Cave of Maria Lourdes, France and placing it in a place which can be a means pejiarahan. The effort has also to meet the needs of berjiarah place for Catholics to remember the northern part of Central Java in the south of the existing site and Sriningsih berjiarah namely Sendangsono Kerep Once Upon A Time in the village, there Ambarawa homes and land reserved for Vicariate Semarang Apostolic Congregation Brothers (Apostolate) . So that’s where the permission of Msgr. Albertus Soegijapranata, SJ, Vicar Apostolic of Semarang, be a place pejiarahan imitating Gua Maria Lourdes. According to a source writings of L. Romo Koersen SJ. in St. magazine. Claverbond May 1954 edition said, “Brother Vincentio Tionghwa move the students to dig up rocks from the time length, then the stone – stone was transported in a relay to the location where the cave was established.

Jesus's Cross

According to eyewitnesses Bpk. B. Tjiptosutedjo determination of the Cave of Mary is designated by Father Koersen SJ (director of Congregation Brothers Apostolic of Semarang). It is said also that the children – children boarding Ambarawa SGB teacher led them to collect stones – stones from the river length. Because the stone needs very much for making caves and hardening of the road is still needed by purchasing additional stone, sand and cement as well. Similarly, cave development process is executed by mutual cooperation by the people to volunteer with the students SGB and construction worker.


Having completed the Cave of Maria Lourdes Maria Kerep along with the statue was inaugurated and blessed by Msgr. A. Soegijapranata SJ. in a festive ceremony on August 15, 1954, the feast of Blessed Virgin Mary, assumed into heaven. Festivities were supported by many people who attended the ceremony which begins with a procession from the church to the location of the cave Ambarawa Kerep Mass continued with the blessing, Astuti, and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (http://guamariakerep.org).

garden path



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