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GUCI 13/09/2010

Posted by tunjungnesta in Central Java.

Guci Gate

Guci is the object of tourism which has an area 210 ha, is located at the northern foot of Mount Slamet with an altitude of approximately 1050 meters. From the town of Slawi is ± 30 km from the town of Tegal, while the travel distance of about 40 km to the south.

Water fall

Water flowing from the shower in this tourism object can reliably cure diseases such as rheumatism, ulceration and other skin diseases, especially Baths Shower 13 who did have a shower and shower units totaling thirteen 7.

There are about 10 waterfalls located in the area Vases. In the top public bath shower 13, there are waterfalls with cold water named Waterfall Jedor. So named because the first place around the 15-meter-high waterfall that is owned by a village headman, village headman named Jedor

hot bath tub ^-^

From the story, Guci’s hot water is water that given y Walisongo to the people they sent to broadcast the Islamic religion to the western part of Central Java in the vicinity of Tegal. Because water was placed in a Guci (Jar), and efficacious to be blessed, people mention the location of the water with a “GUCI”. But because the water was very limited provision of trustee, on Friday night POND, one of his magic wand Sunan stuck to the ground. Under the authority of God, flows the hot water without sulfur which is full of grace.

Facilities available include lodging (Jasmine to star class), forest tourism (ecotourism), hot water swimming pool, tennis court, soccer field, and camping grounds. (http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guci_Indah)

River flow



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