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Gedong Songo Temple 13/09/2010

Posted by tunjungnesta in Central Java.

Gedong Songo temple is the name of a complex of buildings of cultural heritage of Hindu temple located in the Village Temple, District Bandungan, Semarang regency, Central Java, Indonesia precisely in the slopes of Mount Ungaran. In this temple complex there are nine temples.

Gedong Songo Gate

Gedong word means uilding songo means nine and more or less means that the nine temples. The temple is located at the altitude of Mount Ungaran 1200 – 1800 meters above sea level is indeed very unique. Initially called Gedong Pitoe since first discovered by Rafles only consists of seven buildings of the temple. But later found two more temples, although the situation is not intact. The temples are made of andesite stone has been restored by the Archaeological Service, which temple I & II was restored in 1928 – 1929, while the temple, III, IV, V restored in 1977-1983.

Two Temples

The temples are located in Mount Ungaran believed to be Hindu Temple with the invention of the Hindu statues located inside and around the temple site. Among the statues found Ciwa Mahadeva, Ciwa Grand Master, Ganeca, Durga Mahisasura Mardhini, Sound of the Nandi, Mahakala and Yoni that is in the temple. Another privilege of Gedong Songo temple is located on the statues of elephants in the squatting position at the foot of Temple Gedong III, and Yoni in a rectangular shape in the Temple chambers Gedong I.

Third Temple

Regarding when the establishment of Gedong Songo temple no one knows for sure, but it is estimated by experts that the temples were built during the Dieng temple built during the period of the century VII – IX AD during Syailendra Dynasty. It is known from artifacts left behind around the temple site, and the existence of the physical similarities between the Temple and the Temple Dieng Gedong Songo. The second location of the temple which is situated at an altitude mountain progressively increased confidence that the second temple was built on the same period.

Fourth Temple

It should be argued if Gedong Songo temple not only offers historical tours, but also offers tours of natural beauty also sports tourism. The temple is situated at an altitude of Mount Ungaran is showing incredible natural charm because of its location which is situated at an altitude of the mountain. After the temple entrance, walk a little to the already visible location of the first temple is a temple located at the bottom. In the surrounding area there are also neatly arranged pine forests and springs that contain sulfur (http://navigasi.net).

Camping Ground



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