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Blenduk Church 13/09/2010

Posted by tunjungnesta in Central Java.

Semarang’s Blenduk Church is the oldest Church in Central Java and has become an icon of Semarang. This Church more famous as Gereja Blenduk located in Jalan Letjen Soeprapto in Semarang.


Blenduk Church

This Protestant Church in Semarang was built by the Dutch community way back in 1753. Since then, every Sunday, the Gereja Blenduk comes alive to the sound of hymns and prayers. In 1894 Semarang’s Gereja Blenduk Church underwent extensive renovation, under the guidance of W. Westmaas and H.P.A de Wilde, this church represent inheritance of Dutch. Referred as church of Blenduk because its dome form which like slice of ball, so people tell ‘mblenduk’. Occupying areal for the width of 400 m², this building in form of trapeze ( hexagonal) with display in the form of foursquare rooms side and length side in form of Greek crucifix.


Besides, the Gereja Blenduk Church in Semarang has other features characteristic of 18th architecture. The ground plan of this Church is structured on a Greek cross. It also has four pillars and a beautiful classical portico. When in 1894, the Church was being renovated the beauty of this Church was enhanced by the addition of two towers in front of it.

The interiors of the Gereja Blenduk Church are original and haven’t ever been tampered with.You can still see the chairs used by the original congregation. A huge organ in the baroque style of the 18th century will capture your attention, as soon as you enter the Church.This organ is really fascinating because it goes back to the 18th century. It can neither be restored nor is it working and it remains as a silent spectator to the Church’s glorious history. Note the iron stairs that lead straight up to the organ specially constructed by Pletterji Den Haag.

the chair

Opened daily started from 6.00 until 17.00 Indonesian times.



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