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Umbul Sido Mukti (Bandungan) 11/09/2010

Posted by tunjungnesta in Central Java.

Sidomukti pennant tourist area is one of the Mountain Nature Tourism in Semarang, lies in the village, Semarang regency Bandungan Sidomukti District. This tourist area with support facilities : Services: Outbound Training, Adrenaline Games, Pool Nature Park, Camping Ground, Cottage Tour, Cottage lesehan, Meeting Room.

the scenery

There are four-storey pool and can be selected according to the desired depth. The water was very cold, clear and refreshing. Also coupled with the courage to challenge several sports facilities on the side of the pond. There is a path with two choices of flying fox tracks, marine bridge in the valley, rapeling down the valley side of the pool, and ATV, natural swimming pool and trekking point. Park pool natural pennant Umbul Sidomukti located on the slopes of the mountain with an altitude of 1200 asl, bus, sandwiched between the gap in both sides.

next scenery

Flying fox by the path length 110 meters, with an altitude range from the lowest point of the valley approximately 70 meters. This flying fox across the valley, so as to move from hill to hill slope opposite to rely on two and a safety rope and helmet. As usual, flying fox can be done by selecting the style of lying face like superman in flight, or styles sit normally. Flying fox valley fare ticket is only 12,000 IDR, not expensive for just a test of courage.

The beauty of nature we can feel on our feet when we arrive at the court lokawisata Girigahana Sidomukti. Rice field terraces, pine forests, waterfalls, and small rivers, so charming. Far across the way looks Cimanggal Twin Hill, Mount Ungaran, and Mount Merbabu. What an enchanting natural harmony it is.

sunset from top of the hills

Swimming pool in Umbul Sidomukti is unique. It lies on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, right on the edge of the cliff and Ungup Ungup valley. Where would we like to be in peak height or heaven if you swim or just soak in there. And water that flows along the pennant that year the main water source for natural swimming Umbul Sidomukti park. Abundant water is spilling into the pool below, next to the garden and rice paddies. Believe me, the freshness of the water tuks are able to wash the soul as being tired.

one of the swimming pool

one of the swimming pool

Among the existing valley flying fox installed along the 110 meters and 60 meters with a height of 70 meters. With the depth of the valley for more than 70 meters is very maybe flying fox is the highest in Indonesia. Or, Do you want to pursue a marine bridge (rope bridge) along the 60 meters and vacillate over the cliff?

marine bridge

For kids train rides available courage and sportsmanship. For them, there are flying fox kids along 15 meters. Other facilities that camping ground or a camp site. At the areas that visitors can enjoy a night in the wild. In the middle of the night was quiet, crackling campfire wood becomes independent music is beautiful and warm, to expel the cold. Wow, would experience a sensational, thrilling, and fun.

flying fox



1. duwie septiani - 21/09/2010

ayo kpn ke sidomukti…
dr dulu g pernah jadi mulu….

tunjungnesta - 21/09/2010

lhah personil e ae ga lengkap2 ok,aku sih langsung meluncur…

2. kiky habiba - 29/03/2011

ijin copy foto swimming pool nya yaaa 🙂

tunjungnesta - 07/04/2011

OK sip..

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