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Sam Poo Kong Temple 11/09/2010

Posted by tunjungnesta in Central Java.

Sam Poo Kong Temple is a temple located in the area of Simongan, Semarang, Indonesia. This place was once reputedly a haven of Admiral Cheng Ho, an explorer of China’s Muslim origin.

"Main Gate"

Temple Gate

Sam Poo Kong temple up to the world famous, even reportedly is a place that has been set by the government of China as a tourist destination for travelers of origin China. This unique tourist destination mostly by Muslim citizens of China and / or the nuances of Islamic culture, not China’s cultural nuances inherent with incense and candles. This is caused by Muslims from Yunnan province of China is very familiar and well known and believed that Admiral Cheng Ho as a descendant of warlord China envoy Persia has Muslim background.

Building the core of this pagoda is a stone cave and is the main venue from this location. Stone cave is believed to be the initial landing and the headquarters of Admiral Cheng Ho and his men during a visit to the island of Java. Inside there are statues of trusted as a Sam Poo Tay statue of Admiral Cheng Ho Djien. In these locations can be found also an altar and the tomb of the people trust when Admiral Cheng Ho in Java, which is often visited by the visitor to make pilgrimages.
Giving the name of the building is quite unique considering naming is based on objects from the ship. For instance, Kiai Mbah Cundrik Earth is where all kinds of weaponry that is used to arm’s crew. Kiai / Nyai Tumpeng matters relating to food on the ship and put Kiai Djangkar where ships anchor. While Mbah Djurumudi trusted as a tomb of the helmsman ship. In the buildings are decorated with various paintings and statues depicting Cheng Ho’s journey to the surface Java, including the two pillars of the main building.

sam poo kong main building

sam poo kong main building



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