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Kreo Cave 11/09/2010

Posted by tunjungnesta in Central Java.

The Gate

Kreo Cave is a forest area located in Semarang. It is located in the hills and valleys of the Kreo River. Kreo cave believed to be the relics of Sunan Kalijaga, when looking for teak wood for the construction of the Great Mosque of Demak. In front of the cave is visible base of the cliff and the cliff-steep with a Kreo river flowing beneath. Nearby there are 20-25 meters high waterfall that flows clear and never dry.


In this tourist area are often found free-living herd of monkeys. These monkeys are believed to be the guardian of the cave. This tourist area presents a wonderful natural panorama, with a touch of religious and historical value in it. Besides its natural beauty pamper the eyes, this place is also equipped with a stage entertainment, children playground, and a row of food stalls serving traditional menu.

Monkey Troop

Not just cave and apes, which can be encountered during a visit to Kreo cave. In this area, you can also found bamboo, which can produce the smell of raw goat meat.

It is not difficult to prove that rarity, just slice the bamboo with a tilted position and then smell the fragance. You will find the sap of bamboo with the aroma of raw muttony




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